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Data Science Hackathon

з 2018-02-24 10:00:00
по 2018-02-25 19:00:00

We are presenting the first real Data Science Hackathon in Ukraine, where you need to show just your technical skills without any presentations and subjective judging.

In just 30 hours, you will have to solve a real-world Data Science problem. You will get a formulated ML task with a prepared dataset, which will be split into a train and test set. Predictions on test data will be sent to an internal online server (kaggle in class), where intermediate results will be displayed (its public part).

The accuracy of the predictions on the private part of the test set will be available only after the end of the competition, on the basis of which, the winners will be determined.

Just show your machine learning skills in solving real-world problems, outperform your opponents and win-worthy prizes.

✔️60 Data scientists

✔️Work with real customer data and challenges

✔️30 hours of teamwork and coding

✔️Transparent and automated judgement (Kaggle leaderboard)

✔️Hands-on experience with Amazon Web Services

✔️Only ML! Оnly Hardcore!

We invite top Ukrainian data scientists to participate. Selection of participants will be held on a competitive basis, the maximum number of participants is about 60 people. Please apply via the registration form: http://bit.ly/ds-hackathon